The reasons I love bookclubs #mondayblogs #writing

Yesterday I was invited to come to the bookclub at First Presbyterian Church in El Cajon, California. This club has been going for several years, and they have a penchant for strong women characters. I was warmly welcomed, and spent an hour with these charming women, who are strong characters themselves.

Bookclubs who invite me to either come in person or Skype with me make me happy because:

  1. it’s a chance to meet people who have read my book or books,
  2. an opportunity to talk about books (not only mine),
  3. as well as a chance to read my work aloud to others.

The club I met with yesterday had a big stand-up display with pictures of each book they’ve read. I don’t think they have a website, but if they did it would be a terrific cover photo. Anyone can see at a glance the kinds of books they favor. They also read a lot of local authors, and any one of them who accepts an invitation by this club is a lucky author.





2 thoughts on “The reasons I love bookclubs #mondayblogs #writing

  1. I feel the same way every time I read about one of your events, Vanda! Your staged readings of Juliana are to die for! I hope my readers are buying your book. It would make a GREAT book for bookclubs.

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