5 Things I love about mysteries #mondayblogs #mystery

There are way more than five things I love about mysteries, whether I’m reading them, writing them, or real life mysteries getting solved.

  1. In fictional mysteries, there’s always at least one murder of a person several people had reason to kill.
  2. When I write a mystery story or novel, I have to create a puzzle, then solve it. Even if it’s not a traditional puzzle mystery. Someone has to die and people have to have reasons, and someone has to figure out who killed the victim(s).
  3. The satisfaction I feel as a reader when I get to the very end of the book and I’m still not quite sure who the killer is.
  4. Finding out the book I’m reading is one of a series. More to come!
  5. Falling in love with fictional detectives. I’m a sucker, a sap, a dreamer. I love a good brain, especially in a flawed human.

Here’s the latest on my thriller: I hired an editor, I got the edits back this morning. I have a bit more writing to do, and my editor helped me find the places where it’s needed. Did I mention it’s set in Kansas City? They got some crazy little women there ….

18th and Vine District

Not only will you find both the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, the Jazz Museum, the Gem Theater and the Blue Note – there are painted sstorefronts and signs left over from the filming of the 1990 Robert Altman film “Mr. and Mrs. Bridge.”