The reasons I love bookclubs #mondayblogs #writing

Yesterday I was invited to come to the bookclub at First Presbyterian Church in El Cajon, California. This club has been going for several years, and they have a penchant for strong women characters. I was warmly welcomed, and spent an hour with these charming women, who are strong characters themselves. Bookclubs who invite me […]

5 Things I love about mysteries #mondayblogs #mystery

There are way more than five things I love about mysteries, whether I’m reading them, writing them, or real life mysteries getting solved. In fictional mysteries, there’s always at least one murder of a person several people had reason to kill. When I write a mystery story or novel, I have to create a puzzle, […]


Originally posted on Orange Street News:
? By Hilde Kate Lysiak Police are investigating a possible murder at 9th Street in Selinsgrove A man is suspected of murdering his wife with a hammer at 9th Street in Selinsgrove, sources told the Orange Street News. Law enforcement sources will not confirm. “This is an ongoing investigation,”…