4 reasons to read true crime #mondayblogs #mystery

Reading true crime reports before breakfast can turn your stomach. So maybe wait until later in the day, but here are four reasons to read about true crime:

  1. Truth is stranger than fiction. Also less believable. This morning I read about a drinking, texting driver who ran over two people on a motorcycle and killed them. She had killed two men in the past and got off under the Make My Day law. This woman is only 27.
  2. You will find humans are creative in their ability to hurt, maim, and kill other human beings. Bodies are found in closets, women are found chained to beds, babies are cut from their mothers’ wombs.
  3. You will satisfy your morbid curiosity.
  4. If you’re a writer, your imagination will be sparked, and maybe you will write better, more believable crime scenes, murderers, criminals, and officers of the law.

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