3 reasons I love torture. #Mondayblogs #amwriting #thriller

I don’t really LOVE torture. In fact, I’m against it in real life. But:

  1. Torture serves my killer in the thriller I’m writing.
  2. The killer is getting revenge on people who have harmed others, other innocents who have no recourse.
  3. The killer tortures perpetrators, not to learn anything new, or get them to stop doing what they’ve been doing, but to make them experience the pain and suffering of their victims–provides consequences for their actions.

To prepare for all this murder and mayhem, I read the original Dexter book, watched a few seasons of the tv show Dexter, read stacks of thrillers on top of my usual crime novel fare. The question is, will my killer also receive consequences for their actions?

What are your own thoughts on this topic? Do you avoid thrillers because you hate torture so much? Do you read thrillers for the satisfaction of seeing “bad guys” get what they deserve? Do you write torture scenes yourself? The picture below is of a thumbscrew. Believe me there are many worse torture instruments.

Please share.