Murder makes me happy. #mondayblogs

Not REAL murder. Murder mystery novels. And murders I write in my own books. This week I’ve been editing my thriller, scene by scene. Guess which scenes are the tightest, best-written scenes? Yep. The murders. My goal now is to make each scene as gripping as the murder scenes. Like Elmore Leonard said, leave out the boring parts. It’s a huge task ahead, but I’ve decided I’m a badass. Why? Because my murder scenes are the bomb. If I can write scenes like those, I can write all my scenes better.

I wrote this thriller I’m editing more than three years ago, so I have plenty of distance on it by now. I’m not in love with my words any longer, I’m able to look at the writing objectively. Whether or not I’ll be able to fulfill my goal of making every scene as interesting as the murders remains to be seen. But I’m going to try.

Sadly, I have to set the thriller aside this week while I write a treatment. I’m going to Binder Con in LA to pitch an idea. I’ve never done it before, but I’ve been studying how to pitch, and a treatment is called for. I’ll be at the Con this weekend, arriving in LA on Thursday afternoon. I’ll be seeing some of the women I met in December at the Ojai workshop with Anna March. And I hope to meet several new people. If you’re going to Binder Con this weekend, give me a shout.

And if you know something about pitching, and/or writing treatments and want to give me free advice, please do!