4 reasons to read true crime #mondayblogs #mystery

Reading true crime reports before breakfast can turn your stomach. So maybe wait until later in the day, but here are four reasons to read about true crime: Truth is stranger than fiction. Also less believable. This morning I read about a drinking, texting driver who ran over two people on a motorcycle and killed […]

3 reasons I love torture. #Mondayblogs #amwriting #thriller

I don’t really LOVE torture. In fact, I’m against it in real life. But: Torture serves my killer in the thriller I’m writing. The killer is getting revenge on people who have harmed others, other innocents who have no recourse. The killer tortures perpetrators, not to learn anything new, or get them to stop doing what they’ve been […]

Murder makes me happy. #mondayblogs

Not REAL murder. Murder mystery novels. And murders I write in my own books. This week I’ve been editing my thriller, scene by scene. Guess which scenes are the tightest, best-written scenes? Yep. The murders. My goal now is to make each scene as gripping as the murder scenes. Like Elmore Leonard said, leave out […]

This is the reason I love Wallander #mondayblogs

Inspector Kurt Wallander is a character created by (the recently deceased) Henning Mankell. I discovered him while watching PBS. There was Kenneth Branagh driving around in an obviously foreign police car, speaking English, but situated in a foreign land. Curious! Of course I watched it, and on the following Monday headed to the library to […]