This is why I love detectives #mondayblogs

There are so many detectives to love! Right now I’m reading one of Val McDermid’s detectives: Lindsay Gordon. Lindsay made her first appearance in McDermid’s first book Report for Murder in 1987. I’m reading the second book now, and it’s fun to be taken back to the peace camps, to the time without cell phones, internet, the time before same-sex marriage. McDermid is an out lesbian, and has been writing about the LGBTQ world from the get-go. She had mad skills from the beginning as well. I’m also reading her non-fiction book Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime in which she shares what she has learned in her three decades of writing crime novels. And because she’s a best-selling fiction author, it’s a page-turner.

As for my own writing, I’ve written a new poem and a flash fiction story every day of February. I’m also editing my standalone thriller. This month, I will concentrate on that editing, as well as writing (actually writing) more chapters of the third Shirley Combs (my own detective) and Dr. Mary Watson murder mystery.

I will attend Binder Con in LA the weekend of March 19 and 20, as well as a Sisters of Crime conference the last weekend of March. Will I see any of you at one of these conferences?