This is the reason I love CAROL JORDAN & TONY HILL #detectives #mondayblogs

Are you one of the readers who bought one (or more) of the 11 million books sold by author Val McDermid? I am. Val McDermid is one of Great Britain’s great crime novelists, following in the footsteps of (now deceased) P. D. James and Ruth Rendell. Val McDermid is prolific, literary, and writes excellent mysteries with interesting detectives. She has Lindsay Gordon, Kate Brannigan, and DCI Carol Jordan and profiler Dr. Tony Hill who work in tandem. She also writes stand-alones, non-fiction, and has a children’s book out as well.

A television series entitled “Wire in the Blood” introduced viewers to Jordan and Hill in 2002 and ran for six seasons. It’s available now on Netflix.

McDermid’s detective Lindsay Gordon is a journalist. Kate Brannigan is a private investigator. McDermid is a master at writing about crime and it using any protagonist to get the job done. As readers, we are lucky to be able to choose which one to spend time with for the length of a book. A book in a series! Each of her detectives has an entire series of books already available, and McDermid keeps them coming.

Val McDermid is Scottish, an out lesbian, and was writing gay and lesbian characters for the mainstream before it was popular. Her writing skills, her ability to tell a story, to hold the reader’s attention, those are what matter, and what made her a best-selling author.

If you aren’t familiar with her work, please go now and pick up one of her books to read.