I. Am. Writing. #mondayblogs #amwriting #febflash #poetry

Every morning I write a new poem. I write a new short short story (now known as flash fiction). I do one bit of marketing of my writing. I post something to Instagram as part of a month of challenges to authors. I edit my thriller. I work for hire. So this past week I wrote eight poems, seven short stories, and a book review which got picked up by both The Lesbian Daily and lgbt sr.

Basically, all I do is either related to writing, or makes me a healthier, happier person. I’ve been swimming daily, doing yoga daily, going to yoga class twice a week, baking, reading, and enjoying time with my daughter.

I had a migraine four days in a row, but part of each of those days I was able to do all of the above.

I have more time now that I don’t have cable.

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