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Mom Egg Review sent out a challenge to its readers and writers to write flash fiction this month. I’m already writing a poem a day, working on two books, and editing a book of poetry, but hey! Sounds like fun. Today’s poem INHABITANTS is here. And today’s flash fiction WEATHER, MAN is here.

I find the best way for me to get writing done is to do more writing. I hope you’ll read some of my work and if you do, please leave me some feedback.

Speaking of feedback, my mystery novels could use some reviews. The Hounding has 29, which is pretty great, but The Illustrious Client has only 4. If you’ve read either of these books and haven’t left a review on Amazon, I truly wish you would. Twenty words counts as a review, so it doesn’t that all that much effort. I’ve linked the titles to Amazon for you to make it easier. If you haven’t read it, and you want to read and review it, I’m happy to send you an epub. I don’t pay for reviews, and I want your honest opinion, which is why I don’t pay.

I try to remember to review every book I read, especially if the book doesn’t already have 1,000 reviews. It’s the best way for an author to know what the reader likes and doesn’t like. When errors are found and reported, they can be corrected in future printings.

What are you doing in February?




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