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January, the month named after the god Janus, that two-headed guy who was the god of beginnings — I’m feeling two-headed myself, which I suppose is appropriate for a person born in January. I’ve been wearing my editor hat every day this month, switching it for my poet’s beret for an hour or so every day.

My paid editing job is winding down (I sent off the edited proofs yesterday), my personal editing job is picking up again, and I’ve written a poem for all seventeen days of the month so far.

I have so many projects to work on, I need more hands, not more heads! There’s the thriller, the third Shirley mystery, the new book of poetry from the poems written in 2015. There’s the commissioned story. More poems to write. And submissions! Yikes, there are deadlines to meet.

How will I keep from being overwhelmed? Oh, you know. The usual. One step at a time. One day at a time. But never just one project at a time, right? Not for a two-headed monster like me.

How about yourself? Are you hibernating for the winter, or chugging along getting things done like I am? Do you have big plans for 2016? Or will you wait and see what happens?


2 thoughts on “TWO-HEADED #mondayblogs #amwriting #editing #poetry

  1. I’m deep into Vol 2 of Juliana and hoping in not too long a time I could ask you to be beta reader for it. It doesn’t look like you’ll have any space for it, but maybe it could go on the list. I’m not ready yet.

    Glad you’re happily busy and have adjusted so well to your new envious.

    • I’d be honored to beta read Juliana, Vol 2. When you want something done, ask a busy person, that’s what I’ve always heard. 🙂

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