New Year, new house, new perspective

As a recent transplant to my own new neighborhood, Matt’s story resonates today. Here’s to the muse!

The Author Chronicles

New House, new year, new perspective

I just finished moving into my house a few days ago. The study is coming along though the amount of boxes containing books are going to take some time. I had to disassemble my desk to get it into the house, which renders the design of the desk (I made it) a failure. The only reason I kept it was because I already own it, and assembling it will be easier than assembling anything else. At least there’s no instructions for my current desk. 😉

There are a lot of books that I can unload, but honestly it’s a problem I don’t mind having. There’s a joy in being surrounded by books. For all those that can reach their individual dream state the moment they set foot into a library, you know what I mean.

The cats are starting to get used to this…

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