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Now that I’ve submitted the final edit of the manuscript I am editing (there will be tweaks…), I am editing my own thriller novel. I have committed to a daily routine. I keep the entire manuscript — double-spaced, single-sided, printed — on the dining room table, with a notebook, a pen, a lit scented candle, and Kwiksort (a fingertip moistener). I’m more than half-way through already.

I also write a poem every day. I belong to an online group of poets who write a daily poem in response to a prompt. We comment on, but never critique, each other’s work. We don’t share other poets’ work without asking, we don’t even print off a copy for inspiration. I love how respectful this group is, and this is my sixth year of participating in the group for a month or months at a time.

When I finish editing the thriller, I will begin editing the poems I wrote in 2015 to compile a full book manuscript of my work.

2016 will be a big year of editing and writing for me. Many people I know have only today returned to work, and have not yet settled in to their 2016 routine. I’m lucky. I no longer have a day job and follow my own rules, make my own hours. I am settled in and hard at work.

How is your own work going? Do you take snow days? Work every day? Take the weekends off? Juggle a day job, family, exercise routine? Share please, I’m interested.



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