Holidays #mondayblogs

Happy Holidays to all who celebrate them. Not long ago it was Hanukkah, then the 21st was Solstice, later this week Christmas, Kwanzaa, and finally the New Year. The malls and shops are filled with people buying gifts, or frantically searching for one.

As for me, I turned in my first pass edit of the manuscript I’m working on [for pay] a few days ago. On the day my grandson arrived for a holiday visit, I set aside my own manuscript for the duration.

I think it is important to participate in the holidays of which we are all a part, whether or not by choice. We don’t have to buy gifts or send cards, but we can put a smile on our faces for the cashiers who ring up our groceries, practice our patience while we stand on line, or are stuck in traffic. This is a time of year for deep breathing, moving our shoulders down from our ears, and using our smile muscles.

There is so much stress happening at this time of year, I commit to doing more to help ease it. Thank goodness I have yoga class this morning. 🙂

Happy Holidays to all of you, and may you have peace in your life.