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Last week I completed an online course on revision by Joan Dempsey. It was free, and short. It did exactly what I hoped it would: it took me from being overwhelmed to getting to work on the novel I wrote three years ago in NaNoWriMo. I seriously thought it was hopeless. Now I see I have a nearly complete stand-alone thriller I will soon publish.

I’m about seventy pages into revisions on Till Darkness Comes.

Meanwhile, I am editing a book by someone I admire. The manuscript came in Saturday night and I started working on it yesterday. I’m honored to help bring this book into fruition. Once it is published I will happily share the name of both book and author.

I have a long way to go on both books, but the paying job takes precedence right now.

I love editing and revising. These are the tools that bring a book to life, make it its best self. I was scared to start revising my book, but once I started I was able to see an actual story there. I was afraid it was all gobbledy-gook I had simply spewed out to get the words done. Not the case. Yes, I weeded a few pages out first thing, but it’s so much better than I feared.

What are you working on?