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Last week I finished the play about civil rights activist Ella Baker. It’s called Ella’s Time Piece, is about fifteen minutes long, and features time travel and two characters: Ella Baker and the fictional Xander from 2016 who travels back to 1961 to meet Miss Baker. My month of writing a play a day prepared me to start and finish the job. I’d been doing research, starting the play, stopping, seeking the right structure to finish the job. Now it’s finished and has been sent to the 365 Women a Day Playwriting Project.

On Friday I went to Ojai, California for a weekend workshop called Writing Past Shame, led by Anna March. Her co-leaders were Wendy C. Ortiz and Antonia Crane. If you ever have an opportunity to take a class or workshop with any or all of these women, don’t hesitate. I felt respected and cared for. We were told over and over how our stories matter, and by Sunday morning it had all sunk in and jelled. I came home with a sense of renewal, and ready to resume writing my mystery novel in progress.

This morning I woke up with a poem writing itself in my head — absolutely a result of the workshop. In addition to everything I learned in the workshop, I also came away with new resources, and new friends. I look forward to seeing the others who attended again soon.