November Challenge #winning #mondayblogs #amwriting #newplay

I did it. I wrote a play every day for the month of November. Unlike NaNoWriMo, you have to actually write every day in order to win the Red Theater of Chicago challenge. You can’t write 5,000 words one day and skip the next. There is a daily prompt, and a daily window of time in which to upload your play. There is no word requirement, no page requirement. Most of my plays ran four or five pages, but not in the usual playwriting format. I chose to write them how they are printed in books. This is faster, but it results in fewer pages.

I’ll have to re-read them all, but I think I have two or three I can tweak, reformat, and submit for possible production. That is actually a good number to have written in one month, for me anyway.

My goal was to complete the challenge and sharpen my playwriting skills. I have done both. So, this was a successful undertaking.

My next goal is to take what I’ve learned from the experience and complete my Ella Baker play before Friday.

Friday, I leave for Ojai, California for a weekend writing workshop.

Next week I start a week-long online writing workshop on revision. I also have a big editing job beginning next week.

That’s my news. What’s yours? Did you win NaNoWriMo? Write a new poem? A play? Get some important revising done on your work in progress? Please, what’s new with you? I want to know.