The Commons- Santa Fe

A friend of mine is traveling the country. She lives in co-housing, and she’s checking out other co-housing in different areas. This is about co-housing in Santa Fe.

Voyage to the Present


The Commons on the Alameda was first launched in l989 and is one of the oldest cohousing communities in the United States. After planning and construction, folks started moving in in l993, and the community still thrives today. With 28 households and about 75 residents, The Commons is intergenerational and has a full range of families, singles, and working people ages 96 to 7.

The land and homes are exceptionally attractive, with individually designed, adobe-style homes, curving brick pathways, and a central plaza complete with a fountain and graceful cottonwood trees. Small gardens dot the land and nearly every unit has a covered parking spot for the winter snows.


But cohousing is a lot more than beautiful homes and landscapes. It’s about people living in community, sharing and helping and connecting.

“We’re seen to one of the best cohousing communities ,” says Ellen Kemper, a founding resident who seems to…

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