The Healing Power of Music

A gift.

The Accidental Journey

I started this blog, less as a place to rant, but more of a place to chronicle my journey into living with cancer, the things that I learn, not only about health, but about self, and, upon occasion, things that inspire me.

Music has always played an integral part of my life. While many use the television as grey noise, for me, the primary choice is music, usually classical. It soothes me and inspires me. A day of music and rain is, in my world, a most perfect day.

After going through radiation, and being left with the radiation induced panic attacks, I changed my method. Nightimes became very frightening times for me; I found myself alone, in my hospital bed, in the dark. And so, I changed my ways. I began to play the television in the background. I’d fall asleep to episodes of “The West Wing”; the voices…

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