MAKING A MOVE #mondayblogs

If you know me at all, you know I have migraines. The past couple of years have been particularly rife with them. I’ve stepped up my defenses against them, I’ve also been way more regular in all my daily habits as I know that’s good for them: exercise, sleep, eating regular meals. Nothing made much of a dent. I’ve tried aryuvedic, I’ve tried every home remedy I hadn’t tried before. I even went back to Topamax, which worked for several years, long ago, then failed, then worked again for eighteen months, then failed, and has now failed to work at all. One of my known triggers is barometric pressure, increases, decreases, both affect me. In Portland we get a roller coaster most of the time. Who doesn’t, right? Well, San Diego doesn’t. They have the most stable barometric pressure in the contiguous United States. So after thirty-five years in Portland, I’m moving to San Diego. I’ve already gone down there to meet my daughter for house hunting (we bought a place). I was there for six days. I had a migraine for the two days before I left, and for two days after I got back (and several since), but for the six days I was there, I was headache-free. Which I did not expect. I’ve long ago given up on miracle cures. But if I can have fewer migraines, live like I did before, with even half as many as I have now, I will be so grateful. And even if this doesn’t work, at least I’ll have a swimming pool, and can get some of my exercise from swimming, which I love to do.

And fewer headaches in my case always means: more writing!

The big move will take place in a few weeks, so I may not make my regular Monday blogs for a few Mondays. But I shall return. Keep writing!


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  1. I hope this move really works out for you. A pool sure does sound nice. As I was reading I kept feeling like you were moving away from me–like I couldn’t hear from you as much. But then I remembered that where ever you go you’ll be next door because of this wonderful internet. I hope San Diego turns out to be the best.

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