From the Annals of the Absurd – Insurance

Do not treat people with cancer as if they were unfeeling pieces of broccoli. This is my friend, and she is worth more than all insurance companies and their minions put together. I know. I used to be one of those minions.

The Accidental Journey

If you’ve visited my blog recently, I’m certain that you have ascertained that I’ve been struggling with more than a bit of depression. That’s not uncommon given my circumstances; however, this journey of mine was never to be my tales of woe. Unfortunately, sometimes the dark side rules; pain has a pretty funny way of making life seem less worth than the bother, but these episodes are momentary lapses, an indulgent off-road adventure, where I find myself splattered in the mud of self-pity, and cackling with glee. Eventually, I tire of my escapade, pull over, gussy up a bit, and return to my original path.

You may or may not realize that I have a new oncologist; my adventures with my original one are a journal unto themselves, not to be missed, but for today’s sake, we will stick with the present. I’m very impressed with him; he is quite…

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