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I posted this graphic on my FaceBook wall a couple of days, and it has gotten more likes and comments than anything else I’ve posted in that amount of time. I take this as a good sign. I’ve always been a person who believes in unions. I believe in support groups for writers more than critique groups where a writer’s work is bashed or belittled. I think encouragement does more good than “constructive criticism.” I believe we can learn more from reading good writing than we can from hearing what other writers dislike about our work, or having them rewrite our words to suit their ears. I’d rather hear from my readers. What worked for them? What is missing? What would they like more of? Above all, I write to tell stories, and I write to please myself. I read for lots of reasons and I love good writing. I’m crazy for Lidia Yuknavich’s work. I love Jhumpa Lahiri’s writing, both long and short. Tennessee Williams? Come on. Shirley Jackson! And no one writes crime like Ruth Rendell. Who will replace her? I like Denise Mina. Patricia Highsmith. Val McDermid. Yes, I do prefer women’s writing to men’s overall. I mean I love a lot of men’s writing, but I almost never find the kind of sexism, racism, fatism, or homophobia in the works of the women I’ve listed above, so that’s why I read more women than men. I read Ian Rankin, Walter Moseley, and recently read The Follies of God by James Grissom (about Tennessee Williams). What/who are you reading this summer? otherauthors


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  1. That poster is terrific. It feels relaxing to say it out loud. I plan on reading a lot contemporary lesbian writers. I want to get to know the writing of my fellows. I also want to know them as people. It’s a huge list. Right now I’m reading Carol Rosenfeld’s The One Who Got Away. Very, very funny. I’m not finished yet, but I recommend it. Next I’ll be reading Queerly Beloved the memoir of lesbian partners until one realized he was a man and went through the treatment. Through it all they stayed together. I had to the honor of meeting this couple so I can’t wait to read their book.

  2. Thanks so much for your comments, and for your recommendations. I’ll be interested to hear any/all recommendations for contemporary lesbian writing. And I’m so eager to read your book, Vanda. Eagerly anticipating its upcoming publication!

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