The Human Condition

Just because she has her hair does not mean she does not suffer. Just because she looks like your girlfriend does not mean she is not human. You may be inspired, but she is not a hero. She is a human being in pain.

The Accidental Journey

It’s 2 o’clock now, and I’ve just managed to drag myself out from the shower – not because I’ve been pulling production all-nighters, but because I’ve been in the depths of a different kind of production, the title of which is called Cancer.

I have not written for months because I haven’t been able to; in late spring, I began to experience a terrible auto immune response to the monthly infusion treatments, designed to rid my body of any baby myeloma cells that the radiation had not managed to kill. The reactions would occur, like clockwork, on day 3 post treatment, and would continue on, building to a horrific crescendo, and then, slowly, too slowly, begin to taper off, until I finally felt whole. I was having about 7 to 10 livable days per month. My quality of life was anything but. I was wrapped in a shroud of misery.

To say that I…

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