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Seven more days, seven more poems. Six more migraines. Well, at least I wrote one of the poems about one of the migraines, so that’s something, eh? I’ve probably written enough migraine poems over the years to publish an entire book of migraine poems, but honestly who would want to read that? yikes. However, if you suffer from any kind of chronic pain, I recommend writing about it. Or drawing or painting or sculpting about it. Singing or writing music about it. Do something creative to help make it three-dimensional in your world. I’m not a healer, but as a sufferer, I can say it helps me. And it might help you.

Here’s the poem I wrote about migraine this week. Adding a dash of humor helped me immensely.


July 19, 2015

Every July since 1999, I get

company that arrives on the

first of July and stays all month.

It sneaks out for a day or two

here and there, but never has

specific plans, so I have to stay

at home, waiting on it hand and

foot as it sits on my head,

pounding, squeezing, sometimes

poking me in the eye, kicking me

in the gut, jabbing me in the

side of my head. Migraine. Sure

it lives here year round, but not

every freaking day like it does in

July. June for instance, migraine

was here only nine days holding

me hostage. January it kept me

down for ten, March for fifteen.

But so far this month, I’ve managed

to free myself from its vice only

a few days, and only one of them

in the last eight. I can’t even get

out to buy groceries to feed the

damned thing. It will have to

order in. I hope it has its own

credit card.