SUMMER READING #amwriting #amreading #mondayblogs

Last Monday I posted a writing prompt called Time Travel. Later that day, I used the prompt to write my first sci-fi short story. I still need to do a bit of rewriting, but I wrote my first sci-fi story! The next day I wrote an essay (posted here) about women’s faces on money. Seems to me summer is a good time for writing short pieces.

Of course, summer is also an excellent time for reading. Reading and napping. Waking up and reading a bit more. I like reading magazines in the summer. I get behind on my magazine reading most of the year, then I have to catch up when we have more daylight. (You’d think I didn’t have electricity!) I used to subscribe to a lot of magazines when I traveled. I would carry them with me onto the planes, read them and leave them wherever I finished them. On the plane, in the hotel room, etc. When I stopped traveling for work, I gradually let my subscriptions run out — all except one: The New Yorker. I’ve been a faithful subscriber since 1981. I look forward to it every week, and even though I can read it online, even on my phone, I love my paper issue.

I’m almost caught up on the New Yorker. I even had time to read a Living magazine I picked up in the apartment building lending library. I’m hanging onto it until I make the recipe for peach pie crumble bars, and then I’ll put it back for the next lucky reader. Meanwhile, I’m caught up for the next two bookclub meetings: lesbian, as well as mystery. For the lesbian bookclub we’re reading the classic Katherine V. Forrest “Curious Wine” and for the mystery bookclub it’s Chelsea Cain’s “One Kick.” Both of those are finished, so I’m reading Jenny Diski’s “Skating to Antarctica” because I discovered her through a FaceBook friend. Wow, what a writer, and I’m happy to discover her, though sad to know she’s dying now. I’m almost finished with the book of short stories “Lesbians on the Loose” in which my own story appears. There are some dynamite stories in there, if I do say so myself. I’m honored to be included with Katherine V. Forrest, Lori L. Lake, Sue Hardesty and so many other great authors.

Next I’ll start a couple of non-fiction titles related to a new play I’m writing this year on Ella Baker. I’ll pick up those books tomorrow. What are you reading? Do you prefer fiction or non? long or short? genre or literary? a mix or are you a purist?