If Only He Would Review Books…like maybe MY book?!?

Free book! Also, funny review, fun links. And MM.


This is the best skillet review you will ever read. In the world. Ever. There will NEVER be another skillet review like this one. So, give up now. But, if you must go into that kitchen cookware department, take James O. Thatch with you. These are his words. They probably belong to Amazon. At the bottom of his review, there is a link to take you to the skillet, but more importantly, if you go there and actually BUY the skillet, I get a half million bucks from having an affiliates number. If you don’t buy the skillet, click on the cover of The Girl With 2 Hearts, and presto, you’re on Amazon downloading my Free Book! Somehow, we gotta get this guy James Thatch into reviewing books. Lesbian fiction. Right. I’ll make more dough if you buy the skillet. LOL…dough, get it? Seriously, James O. Thatch. Remember the name. You probably…

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