WRITING PROMPT: Time Travel #mondayblogs #amwriting

Here’s a writing prompt for you (and maybe for me, one day). Lately I’ve been time traveling. Okay, the traveling has been while I’ve been asleep, but is sleep the wormhole we’ve been searching for? A couple of weeks ago, I woke up and thought I heard cartoons in the next room. I also thought my daughter was about eight years old and was in the next room watching those cartoons, so I called out to her. Stormy? Stormy? She, being forty-seven and in the next state, did not answer. It took maybe ten seconds for me to realize where I actually was, and what year it was, and that I am now a septuagenarian, living alone. A few days later when I told my daughter about it, she asked it if scared me. What? No. I told her I frequently slide back and forth along time, and I don’t find it scary at all.

But is that true? Night before last I fell asleep in my chair as I watched television. This now happens occasionally as I am on a medication to help prevent migraines. (It doesn’t work that great, but is better than nothing. This is one of its side effects.) I don’t know what I was dreaming. Suffice it to say, whatever it was, seemed real, and was somewhere else in time. I woke up and said, “And, we’re back. So, this is where I am now. Hm.” That was a tiny bit scary. I felt as though I could just as easily have woken up and found myself a hundred years old and in a nursing home.

If I’m actually going to travel in time, could I please get a do over? And may I have plenty of time to think about it? I might not want to change anything, maybe I just want a chance to re-experience an afternoon out tramping in the woods with my Dad. Or an hour sitting embroidering with Grandma Maggie. Even another time watching Mom at the sewing machine when she was making one of my costumes for dancing school. Or that time Dad took me down to the hospital to stand outside the window and see my baby sister for the first time. Yes, please. Let me wake up to one of those times.

If you could time travel, where would you want to go? What do you want to see?