Lesbianomics of LesFic…the Humanomics of Poverty



Lee Miller and Friend by Man RayLee Miller and Friend, Photograph by Man Ray

There are over 76 Million Baby boomers alive today. A report by the Williams Institute six years ago said lesbian couples over the age of 65 were twice as likely to live below the poverty line as opposite-sex couples. A study by the same organization in 2013 reaffirmed earlier findings and extended the scope of the study.

And yet, I hear many people asking “Why?” I “hear” some accusation in that question, some tonal intimation to suggest it is the fault of the senior and elderly lesbians. I think I can perhaps shed some light on the subject, offer some answers to these questions, or rephrase the questions.

At first, I wasn’t sure what this had to do with lesfic (the catch-all phrase for lesbian fiction that covers many genre from Romance to Mystery to Fantasy and beyond) and/or lesbian authors and…

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2 thoughts on “Lesbianomics of LesFic…the Humanomics of Poverty

    • Thank YOU for writing this thoughtful and important article, Tarra. I’m chagrined to have slipped below the poverty line again late in life, having been one of those upwardly mobile working class women who worked so hard to earn enough money to get an education, have a 401(k) and so on. But I also chose to spend my money on experiences for myself and family versus possessions or investments in my own retirement (also I saw a big chunk of my 401(k) go to Bernie Madoff and I still regret not getting to spend it before he did). My pride has been in the way of my writing about this topic, so I am especially grateful to you for tackling this ugly subject and wrestling it to the ground.

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