Final tidbits

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Today I finished the science recuperation exams for those who failed the term, hugged goodbyes to the Honduran staff (teared up a bit with Miss H., a beautiful woman inside and out, quién le admiro mucho), and walked my last walk home. On the way I worked on my final…

THIS WEEK’S WRITING #mondayblogs #amwriting #play #poetry

I finished (a week ahead of deadline) a rewrite of my full-length play Blue Roses. This is for a director and a project which may ultimately result in production. Fingers crossed. It has already resulted in a better play, and for that I am grateful. The rewrite came about from a Dramatist Guild program started in Portland. […]

Before I forget

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Friday was the last day. Many of my students signed a t-shirt for me (*sniff*). The administrators gave the volunteers plaques and a speech of thanks, goodbye, and eternal welcome. I dripped tears in front of everyone. I received unexpected hugs from certain students and wrangled others into chokeholds before they could…