My dear friend Anne Lower is living with cancer, taking us along on her journey, sharing her perspective. As always, she writes like the expert she is: showing us, not telling. See for yourself.

The Accidental Journey

Courtesy Zen Treasure Maps Courtesy Zen Treasure Maps

The accidental journey is never an easy one. Your life becomes a sort of map, the end point of which is the pirate’s treasure, the buried hoard titled health. The problem is that this map is not an easy one to read; there are branches and forks along the way. False leads and dead ends pepper the path; and yet, you push on, towards your goal, with steely determination. This perseverance does not come without cost, for it demands great focus… and the fallout of such focus can be a sort of self-absorption; you see the world through the eyes of cancer. Everything seen, touched, heard, echoes with the whispers of “me.” A friend is pregnant – will I live to see the baby grow? A nephew graduates – will I see him launch his new life, new loves, even children? What will happen to my mother…

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