MORE WRITING NEWS #mondayblogs #amwriting #plays

My news this week is I am tweaking a full length play. Why? Because I have an artistic director and a production company interested in it for possible production. I’ve noticed that people usually veil this news in great secrecy, and I understand why. Because hopes can so easily be dashed. I’ve had mine killed before. But I learned from telling my children not to get their hopes up, that “they’re already up!” and once up, they stay up until the dream comes to fruition, or the hopes are punctured. So there you have it.

Also, I think what’s really behind the secrecy is we don’t like to be embarrassed. We don’t want to look like fools. So here’s the thing. I’d prefer to say that something great might happen, and ask you to think good, positive thoughts about it, than to never say anything about it at all. Because if it DOES happen, the good news part will be all over in way too short a time anyway, right? And if it doesn’t, and I don’t say anything, no one will ever know.

So, please. Celebrate with me right now. Something great is probably going to happen with one of my plays that I have worked on for years. (Not great like a movie deal, so you know don’t be envious. Great like a production vs a reading.) I can’t give more details than that because I haven’t signed a contract. I promise you the minute I do, I will blab my face off.

Now, about the tweaking. The director gave me some great advice. Told me to imagine the play in full production. Imagine the sounds I want to hear. The costumes I want to see. Write everything into the script that I imagine. Make it fully my own. Isn’t that great advice? After years of hearing “Fewer actors, fewer characters, think about the budget,” I’ve gotten so used to making everything bare bones, I’ve stopped using my imagination. I’m not talking about writing a helicopter into the scene, but sound? Come on!

I’ve been given permission to use my imagination again, which is what drew me to theatre in the first place. And now I’m giving it to you (if you need it). Let’s go play!