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I go away for a week’s vacation and what happens? The anthology in which my new mystery short story gets published, and then my own chapbook of poetry gets published on Mother’s Day. What a week! So here’s the scoop:

The past two years I’ve had a lot of migraines. A lot. This year was not going great. January ten days. February nine days. March fifteen days. April eighteen days down with migraines. May the first four days. Then, the topamax kicked in. (Topamax is a preventive. I took it for years and it kept the migraines down to 2-5 a month. Then it stopped working. I went off for six months, took it again for 18 months, it stopped working again, and I went off it for years. In desperation after these past two really bad years, I asked to try it again. After more than a month, it finally started working again.) I haven’t had a headache since last Monday.

My pattern is when I go two days without a headache, I get optimistic. I begin to feel normal again and I think “maybe they’re gone now!” I start to be able to think properly again, to hold two or three sentences in my mind at once.

In April I worked for weeks trying to put together a chapbook of twenty-five of my poems. I got them sorted into seven groups. I created a Table of Contents. But I couldn’t figure out how to format them so each poem would take up only one page, and fit them all onto 6×9 inch pages. I didn’t want blank pages in the book. And so on. I attempted this more than once. Every time I had a day without a headache I would try again, and give up.

Yesterday, day six without a headache, I was able to easily do all of the above, create a book cover, decide on fonts, formats, upload everything to CreateSpace, find my ISBN numbers on Bowker, move everything around on both websites, upload, edit, re-edit, change, upload again and again until I was satisfied, no frustration at all, just playing around, and had the entire thing done in a few hours.

So, in addition to the short story, MOTEL NOIR, published by Launch Point Press in LESBIANS ON THE LOOSE, edited by Lori L. Lake and Jessie Chandler, my chapbook ALL THIS REMAINS TO BE DISCOVERED is for sale on Amazon. I have book signings/readings for both coming up at Another Read Through bookstore here in Portland.

The poetry reading is with poets Margot Lavoie and Vargus Pike on May 28th from 7-8pm. Lesbians on the Loose will sign and read on June 18th 6:30-8pm. Please come by and bring friends. If you’re out of the area, and/or can’t come and you’d like a book signed, let me know. I’ll be happy to send you one for the cost of the book plus shipping.


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