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Courtesy Zen Treasure Maps The accidental journey is never an easy one. Your life becomes a sort of map, the end point of which is the pirate’s treasure, the buried hoard titled health. The problem is that this map is not an easy one to read; there are branches and…

MORE WRITING NEWS #mondayblogs #amwriting #plays

My news this week is I am tweaking a full length play. Why? Because I have an artistic director and a production company interested in it for possible production. I’ve noticed that people usually veil this news in great secrecy, and I understand why. Because hopes can so easily be dashed. I’ve had mine killed […]

Thought motes

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1. Whining. Sometimes I (along with all the volunteers) am as whiny as the students. I groan when the Volunteer Coordinator reminds us about our weekly meeting, bemoan the pointlessness of our attendance when told of the monthly staff meeting, and bitch when a day off or free period is…

Making do

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The busito that takes us to school is gray and battered, like a package that’s fallen off a truck and been kicked around several times. I identify its approach in the morning by its squeaks and rattles. There’s no speedometer, the front passenger door opens from only the inside, and the…

I just added a couple new bird pictures, and still am having a little trouble understanding all the ins and outs of this site. I probably should read some help info…huh? But I want to start adding my ‘Flock’ of birds that are caricatures of people I know, family and friends. They are so much fun, and need to all be in one place. Is it Art? I don’t know. But it’s fun and harmless. Enjoy!

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This is a blog site by an artist friend of mine who paints charming bird people, something I’ve never seen before, and something I enjoy a lot. You might too. Check them out. cherthmng View original post