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So last week I gave up writing. For about a minute. No I really have given up the pressure of writing. I am continuing to revise the poems I’ve written so far this year. I am also memorizing some poems for the upcoming reading, and so long as I’m revising poetry, I decided to put together a chapbook of some of my work for the reading so that I will have work for sale. The reading is being presented by the indie bookstore Another Read Through. The other poets have books to sell. My only other book of poetry is a mini-chapbook produced by Binge Press a few years ago, which is so mini it contains only four poems and sells for one dollar.

I spent all last week choosing, organizing, and revising poems for a collection I started a few years ago. Yesterday, I finished that process and finished up the Table of Contents and Introduction. Today I start the process of turning it into a chapbook. I plan to use Scrivener for this process, and will use IngramSpark for printing. I have my own imprint and the necessary IBSN numbers, so the expense won’t be great. Because it’s a chapbook, I’ll do a simple book cover, plain layout, rather than spring for a book designer and cover designer. I totally believe in paying for these services for a regular book, and have done for both my mystery novels, as well as for editors.

Here’s the site I plan to use to help me with using scrivener for poetry. And btw, I should have used it BEFORE I spent the past week working on the manuscript. smh. Oh well, this will be useful for my next collection, right?