POETRY TO THE FOREFRONT #mondayblogs #amwriting #poetry

April is poetry month, and I have two poetry readings of my work coming up. I’m busy deciding which ones to read, and to that end have been reading and revising a lot of my work. I’m going to toss out a lot of it I think, or maybe I’ll put it in a folder called “crappy poetry I can’t quite force myself to throw away just yet” even though I usually have no trouble throwing out old work.

I had a great friend and writing partner who used to chide me regularly for not saving earlier versions of my work. I never, or seldom do. I just write over it, or throw it out and start over from scratch.

I guess the difference with poetry is I think there might be one line worth saving? Or even just the prompt? I don’t know. What do you save? How do you decide?


2 thoughts on “POETRY TO THE FOREFRONT #mondayblogs #amwriting #poetry

  1. Two readings! Congratulations, Sandra!
    The older I get, the less I want to save stuff. I don’t really care what my first version was. Obviously, I wasn’t happy with it. I’m more likely now to delete files and throw away printed drafts than I was twenty, or even ten years ago.

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