WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE? #mondayblogs #amwriting

Every week I come up with a new excuse for not working on my so-called work-in-progress. Let’s be honest, it’s work-not-progressing. I was using the excuse that I’m busy working on other things, but I’m not actually working on other things except for the daily poem. Not this past week anyway. I may have used the excuse that my daughter is in town, and I’ve been spending some time with her. But come on, not that much time. I somehow found time to brush up on my German for no reason at all.

So, okay. I am making a public commitment right now: this week I will re-read what I’ve already written on the WIP, and write SOMETHING. Move it forward as much as I am able. And I will start today.

p.s. I am keeping my commitment to walk at least twenty minutes five days a week. Most days I walk at least twice that much, but that is my commitment, and so far, so good! I started February 12th.


7 thoughts on “WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE? #mondayblogs #amwriting

    • Of course your post is longer than mine, I always write short. I started out in journalism. LOL. I popped over and read your post Writer’s Worry, liked it and followed you. I read a few of your other posts as well, and I hear you loud and clear. You are a writer. Making time to write is always a challenge. All best to you! Shailaja!

      • Thank you Sandra πŸ™‚ May I call you that? Or do you prefer Helen?

        Oh, I started out in journalism too. That post is one of my longest ones πŸ˜‰ I tend to write flash fiction, micro-fiction all under 100 words. Why else have I not started working on my novel, you think? πŸ˜‰

        Thank you so much for the follow and yes, I hear you. Making time to write- ah, that’s my nemesis, at the moment πŸ™‚

  1. Yes, please call me Sandra. Helen is my mother’s name. (I changed my last name to honor her in 1979.) Hang in there, I find that if I write a bit each day I eventually finish my project. I rebooted my WIP yesterday.

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