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I have completed two full months of writing ekphrastic poetry: a poem a day in reaction/response to one by Emily Dickinson. You can see them here. I have also completed two essays this week, one of which is available on my personal FaceBook page as a note: THEFT AND DESTRUCTION OF ART. Meanwhile, I’m doing research for my work in progress, The Valley of Fear, every day.

In twelve-step programs they have a saying “It works if you work it” usually followed by “Keep Coming Back.” Both of these phrases can be applied to one’s writing.

This week a friend told me she was on the verge of telling me to stop writing my Emily Dickinson poems because she found some of them “depressing” and thought they might be contributing to my own depression. First, depression is a medical condition, not a situational one. Second, writing (any writing) is what contributes to my mental health, it doesn’t cause me to have mental illness.

And even though I struggle with a low level of depression, I can also be immensely cheered up by any bit of good news related to my writing. This week, I had a marvelously affirming conversation with a theatre director about one of my plays. In fact, he told me something life changing. He said: never compromise your art. I intend to apply that to all my writings, not only the play he was praising. I will write what I am inspired or driven to write. And then I will make it the best I am capable of.

There were some wonderfully helpful comments last week, I encourage you to read them. Please leave comments of your own, if you are so moved, to today’s post, or to any of the posts. Thank you for spending time here.


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