MOTOR GRINDING #mondayblogs #amwriting

I’m still not quite fully re-started, but I did get the motor grinding on the WIP (work in progress) by re-reading every word I’d written so far (I’m on Chapter Three), and making minor changes along the way. I kept thinking there was something I’d been waiting on, but couldn’t quite recall. Last night I […]

How to Improve Your Blog Stats

Originally posted on PRINCESS KICK-ASS:
A lot of people complain about their bad statistics. They whine that no one visits their websites. They ask themselves what they’ve done wrong,  and they wallow in self-pity as they eat chocolate and cry under the shower. Look, guys, it’s a simple formula: We all want to be heard.…

WHAT IS YOUR WIP? #mondayblogs #amwriting

WIP: the acronym for Work-in-Progress. What’s yours? I have more than one, but the one I affectionately call WIP is the one I’m working on the least at the moment: Book Three of the Shirley Combs/Dr. Mary Watson mystery series. This week I worked on editing my thriller TILL DARKNESS COMES, wrote an ekphrastic poem […]

IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT #mondayblogs #amwriting #plays #poetry #essays #novels

I have completed two full months of writing ekphrastic poetry: a poem a day in reaction/response to one by Emily Dickinson. You can see them here. I have also completed two essays this week, one of which is available on my personal FaceBook page as a note: THEFT AND DESTRUCTION OF ART. Meanwhile, I’m doing research […]