BOOK SIGNING THIS WEEK: Friday February 20 11am-1pm at Portland’s Home & Garden Show #mondayblogs

SH&G 2015 Fri Authors - final

This week I am participating in the Spring & Garden Show. Northwest Independent Writers Association has an enormous booth/space in the show, which will be filled with books by local authors. Every day, all day, local authors will sign books, and direct people to other books by other authors. I have a list of all the authors, all their books, with synopses prepared by our coordinator to help us learn each other’s works. I expect to buy as many books as I sell. We also donate books to the host of the show, as well as exchange books with each other.

I tend to get nervous about readings, but signings? Nothing but fun!

Next year I hope to have two new books to bring to the Spring & Garden Show. The third Shirley Combs/Dr. Mary Watson book, of course, and a book of my poetry as well. Please visit my poetry page for the year-long project I am on, where I write a poem a day in reaction/response to one by Emily Dickinson. It’s here: I am the Red Crested Poet.

Please leave your info in the comments if you have a new book out or coming out; a book signing or reading; a website or page you want me to visit, to like, to share. Thank you so much!