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In spite of having an 8-day dogsitting gig, a birthday, and so many movies to see, I managed to complete my first run at revising the play my collaborator and I are working on. She is the one who resurrected it, had a ton of ideas for it, and did the actual first pass of revisions. I now have gone through the entire play (it’s full length) incorporating all her changes as well as my own. There are still some ideas we need to either hash out or flesh out. But it’s the first completed goal of 2015 for me.

I’ve also managed to write a new poem every day on my Emily Dickinson project. (See them here: Red Crested Poet on FaceBook). I have written a few others with the poem-a-day group, when the prompt actually prompts me.

So, life is good. I’m writing. In two days, Portland’s annual new play (and other works) festival begins, and I’ll be seeing a new play or two almost every day for ten days. Also, I have a friend coming to town who will stay with me for part of that time. I’ll do well to write a daily poem, I imagine.

I’ve had migraines six times so far this month. I find it difficult to concentrate much on headache days.

How are you doing on your own goals and objectives so far this year?


One thought on “CHUGGING ALONG #mondayblogs #writing #poetry #newplay

  1. Good for you in sticking with your goals! I didn’t make any writing resolutions since I routinely break them. LOL.

    What I am concentrating on though is being productive. So far, so good.

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