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I’m being seduced by a plethora of new ideas for writing, rather than being drawn to finish what I’ve started. I’ve always been a person known for follow-through. Am I entering my second childhood, or what? I used to file away new ideas for “the future.” I stopped when I realized I ALWAYS have new ideas. This week alone (and it’s only Monday) I’ve had a new idea for a play, and a new idea for a book of poetry.

Up until today, I’ve only written individual poems, never writing poems with a specific collection in mind. Unless you count the migraine poems, which I don’t. They are written for myself, to help ease the pain of dealing with the damned things. (I’m having one right now, can you tell?) I’ve entertained the idea of pulling together a full-length collection, but haven’t done anything about it. I do have a mini-chapbook published (Invert Sugar, published by Binge Press), but haven’t put much thought or work into doing more. But today, today I have this idea for a collection.

And yet. There is the third book in the Shirley Combs series sitting here on my desktop waiting for every word I can write. And the first book in the other series that is waiting for revision. (And completion too, it’s at 51,000 words.)

What to do? Let me just finish having this migraine, and maybe I’ll decide.

I’d really enjoy knowing what YOU do when you’re faced with too many ideas. Or a migraine if you have any good ideas for prevention and/or pain relief.


2 thoughts on “NEW IDEAS #mondayblogs #writing #poetry

  1. Regarding a search for ideas: I read poems in books i have around the house and boom within minutes i have an idea or a way to continue with something i am writing.

    • Great idea, Ronald! I’m sorry I didn’t see this comment back when you wrote it. Thanks for making it. Your future comments won’t have to wait for moderation now. 🙂

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