ANOTHER MONTH OF POETRY #mondayblogs #writing #poetry

I signed up for another month of a poem a day this month. This is the twenty-fifth time I’ve done that, though not in a row. What I find happens when I write a poem every day (to a prompt, online in the company of about thirty or so other poets) is I end up with two or three good poems that month. On the months I don’t do a poem a day, I rarely write a poem at all.

For years, I’ve been primarily a playwright. Then I started publishing books and have been writing mostly novels. Before novels, I used to mix up the playwriting with a short story now and then.

The good thing about living long is you have a chance to play in different sandboxes. I want to learn how to write really good essays next. Meanwhile, I really need to finish writing the third novel in my mystery series, edit and revise the first book in another series, and finish revising the play I’ve been working on with a collaborator.

What are you writing? If you’re in the throes of NaNoWriMo, I won’t expect to hear from you, unless you want to brag or complain about your word count. LOL. What about the rest of you? I’ve told you what I’m doing, please share what you’re up to.

p.s. I sometimes post one of my poems on Redcrested Poet’s Nest on Tumblr.