Back to the Future #mondayblogs

I’m posting from my phone. My computer is in the shop waiting to donate its internal organs to the new Mac Air.

So guess what, gang? I’m writing by hand. Woo hoo!

Well it’s the in thing. Supposedly I’ll be able to write faster and more creatively. I certainly wrote by hand many years after obtaining my first Mac. Until one day I didn’t.

If you have thought or feelings about this process, please share!


5 thoughts on “Back to the Future #mondayblogs

  1. I try to fill at least one composition book (which I use for thoughts, poems, notes from webinars I’ve attended, and notes for my memoir pieces) a year. This year I’ve slacked off with it and now that OctPoWriMo is coming to an end I will be working to fill it up before the end of the year.

    I enjoy writing in my notebook but I can’t write as quick as my thoughts as I can on my laptop. I do know there is a place for it in my life though and know as long as there are notebooks in the world, I will be writing and doodling through them until either my hands no longer work or I stop breathing.

    • Thank you for writing, Morgan! I appreciate hearing from you about your own process. I love composition books. I did not get much writing done while I was without a computer, but I did have some new ideas that hadn’t occurred until I sat with a pen and paper. Hm. Maybe I need to do more of that.

      • Yes, I find it fascinating how typing in a computer and writing with pen and pad access different parts of the brain thereby pulling different types of creativity onto the page. Hope you decided to give your pen and pad, if not equal time, more use. =)

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