DAY LATE, DOLLAR SHORT #mondayblogs #writing

I officially moved into a new residence October 4th. That’s the day we emptied the POD into my apartment. The following five days, I continued moving things I left behind, helped my daughter with her move, and basically never stopped. Until the very last load of stuff I carried into my new place. I carried too much because I just couldn’t bear the thought of one more trip. That’s how I injured my back. Since then, I’ve been in recovery mode. Icing, resting, elevating, and taking meds. Which is how I forgot yesterday was Monday.

Because of my back injury I missed being part of a mystery author panel at a local bookstore, missed going to see The Piano Lesson with a friend, missed having tea and conversation with friends last night, and today I’m missing an outing to the Chinese Garden. But if I don’t take this time to heal, the healing period will take ten times as long. I’m not wise, I learned this the hard way.

A friend actually asked me today how my writing was going. hahahahaha. Honestly, at this point writing seems like a distant dream I once had. But the reality is I’m inching closer to being able to pick it up again. I’m 99% settled in already. So as soon as I’m able to sit in my chair for more than twenty minutes, I’ll get back to work.

Meanwhile, you all are probably gearing up for NaNoWriMo, am I right?