Last Monday came and went. Oops! I forgot all about my Monday Blog until Thursday. I was busy all day doing things ahead so I could help a friend move some things to and from her own place. That not only took the scheduled Tuesday, but more than half of Wednesday as well. No sooner than I finished, I got a migraine. One that lasted for three days.

So now I’m behind, not only on blogging, but on packing my own things for the move scheduled for next Friday and Saturday. I remember the days when I could pack, move, and unpack on the same day. If I were eighteen again I could probably do that now. But I’m not. My granddaughter is eighteen. So, to protect my aging body, I pack only a few things each day and carry them out to the POD. Next week I expect I’ll have to move many more things in one day that I feel able to do. But that’s life. And sometimes Life takes over, runs roughshod over all our plans, throws us a curve, and pushes us into the backseat.

In spite of all that, my brain continues to think about my work in progress, to imagine my characters in various situations (both main characters are moving house in this book, que’l suprise!) and to think up new stories. I will be so ready to return to my work in a few more weeks.

Looking forward to my REAL real life returning soon. #writingisreallife


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