In some places people take off work the entire month of August. In the US, most people plan their vacations around the months the kids are out of school: June, July, August. Me? I usually work at #writing almost every day, year-round. 

Last week I made a commitment to complete Chapter Two by the end of the week. I did write several pages, but I got derailed, big time. I finally confirmed a place to live, and I have to move in three weeks. As I am now older (and wiser, I hope), I will not pack up and move in a day or two and cause myself months of suffering as I try to recover. Instead, the POD is arriving here day after tomorrow. I’ll be packing and moving all my stuff into it, bit by bit, day by day. In three weeks, I’ll have it delivered to my new address where I’ll have help in shuttling the stuff from the POD into the new digs. 

I’m giving myself about six weeks before I return to my daily routine. I expect to be eager to write, and better at it for having had a holiday. 

Here is a TED talk about the power of taking time off: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNuOmTQdFjA#t=26