I have made a commitment to complete Chapter Two of my WIP by the end of this week for one reason: I won’t get it done unless I commit. I confess it: I am once again stricken with fear of not being able to write a novel. And this will be the third one published, another one already 50,000 words written and patiently waiting for me to finish book three. Writing a novel is daunting to most people, I know. But I also know (personally) several people who have written many, many novels. Published novels. I’ve proven myself capable, what is my problem?

Fear is a weird emotion isn’t it? I mean, it can be really helpful when you truly do have to fight or flee. But when it stands there like a hungry grizzly eyeing you as you dare to sit in your chair and open your computer … I don’t flee, I just get distracted and do other things. This is not writer’s block. I never have writer’s block, I can always write something. Poetry, plays, short stories, even novels. I once wrote 600 pages of memoir in five weeks. Good lord. 

The only way I know to banish this fear is to actually write my WIP. Author Jody Seay always says when asked how she does it “Butt in the chair.” 

So this week I will keep my butt in the chair until chapter two is finished and chapter three started. Or maybe I’ll write some chapters out of order. But I WILL WRITE. 

How about you?