SNAKES ARE SCARY! #mondayblogs

I’ve shared before how I’m focusing on story in my current WIP (work in progress), which is third in the Shirley Combs/Dr. Mary Watson series. Yes, plot is super important to mystery novels, but what grabs the reader’s curiosity is story. 

I don’t know about you, but I like to read not only the intelligent sounding works, but also the make-it-simple-enough-for-a-kindergartner works. So today, I’m going to link us all to a page where the blogger Lisa Kron does just that. I’ve also watched her series on a few times. She clearly explains the difference between plot and story, and shows you how to write a story that will make your plot more interesting.

In the link, she describes a story which contains a snake. From that I came up with my eye-grabbing title, because aren’t most of us scared of snakes, even if we know the snake is harmless? Full disclosure, my WIP has nothing to do with snakes, Unless it does later on and I haven’t got that far yet. My story has dead bodies. Who are they? Why are they at the bottom of a well in a ghost town in Oregon? Watch this space for publication date of The Valley of Fear.

Here’s the link:  Blog by Lisa Kron