Last Monday I had finished up revising a new short story and sent it off to the publisher. This week: nothing to speak of. I had good intentions. I even started the Blake Snyder beat sheet for my work-in-progress. I also wrote up a few ideas to sprinkle into the book. But then came Wednesday with a migraine. Followed by Thursday where I at least managed to get to my favorite yoga class. Friday I actually made it to a play in the afternoon where I was hit with another migraine. Saturday, a friend’s memorial. Sunday another — you guessed it — migraine. Seems like July is trying to get in its usual quota of migraines, in spite of my having had only two in the first half of the month.

Writing is my life. When I write, I feel happy, well-adjusted, productive, creative, and generous. When I’m unable to write, I plunge. I can go a day or two without writing, and the work stays in my mind as I itch to get back to it. A few days of not writing, and I begin to feel worthless, useless, sad and frustrated.

Today I’m muddling through, still groggy after all the meds I took yesterday for the migraine.

But it’s Monday! A new week in which to write. They call it work-in-progress because it doesn’t happen overnight. Right? Bit by bit will get the job done. Time for me to get cracking while I can.

Meanwhile, here’s a question for you: do you enjoy learning new words while you’re reading in your favorite genre? Do you look them up for the meanings? Or do you carry on, assuming you know what it is based on context?